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Good Morning Sir, Absolutely great show by Jeff last night. Along with your dirty dining shows, this is a twist that has that “good feeling” about it when you watch, as well as informing viewers WHERE they can be confident in the eatery. I watched as I’m sure thousands did and I’m sure I came away with the same thoughts they did, that this occasional showing of “good places” is a GREAT addition to the dirty dining series. WELL DONE addition and Jeff accomplished it great as usual. Wayne 



Fani Gilbert   


Dearest Jeff,  

I love your reports on dining, but your report on clean dining got my attention, can you please send me the names of the restaurants you mentioned last nite I would like to check them out. Your reporting is wonderful. 


Fani Gilbert 




That is fabulous. I will definitely support the clean Asian restaurants in my area. Will look forward to more of these for other restaurants !!! 



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  1. I am loving this too. I will keep looking every day to find new clean restaurants to support as well as seeing those to avoid.

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