Inspector smells a “DEAD ANIMAL”

Angie’s Bakery & Caffe
19 N.E. 2nd Avenue
Downtown Miami


“Critical. Observed rodent activity as evidenced by rodent droppings found.approx 20 FRESH rodent droppings observed in utility room.the odor from the room can be observed from approx 25 feet away(front counter)upon opening door the smell is that of a dead animal.odor is so strong inspector cannot observe entire was restroom at time of plan review in2008.entry to room is hampered by ladders,paint buckets,fire extinguishers ,household furniture ,etc.The utility room is approx 15 ft from front food counter.unisex restroom approx 5ft from room.Room is adjacent to prep kitchen sharing a common wall of approx 25 approx 20 ft to entrance of prep approx 5 ft from dining tables,approx 10 ft from rest of tables.”

Employees say this man is “Marcelo” and he co-owns the place with his wife Lucy. He told us he knows nothing!

Lucy goes NUTS when she sees the cameras!

Lucy says GET OUT!

3 Responses

  1. These people crack me up. If this woman had nothing to hide, she would have welcomed the camera people in to show them how clean her kitchen was. Obviously, she didn’t want people to see how dirty her place was. Keep up the great work showing us which restaurants are safe to eat at.

  2. I heard a few people got sick from the restaurant.

  3. i agree if you dont have any to hide then you wouldnt act the way you did or do when there camera present the state should take there business liense away and shut the place down for good ,have a business like that when you put your customer at health risk. sham on you. and the owner how would you like it if you would to go to a resturant and find the place like that would eat there again!!

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